13 - 15 November 2023
Bamako, Mali

The renewable energy for mining will be the focus of JMP 2021, in Mali

The 9th Mali Mining and Petroleum Conference and Exhibition is dedicated to the energy, mining, and petroleum projects in Mali, allowing industry experts to share their insights on these sectors.


Mali is endowed with abundant solar and hydro potential, it currently only has about 310 MW of on grid installed generation capacity to serve its population and the mining sector. Mali imports another 27 MW and has approximately 70 MW of off-grid production. The demand for electricity is growing at about 10% per year. To discuss the capacity for Mali to develop a portfolio of mixed energy projects to satisfy the increasing demands, join us at the mining event JMP 2021.


At JMP 2021 you will hear more about:   

  • IPP case studies: Kita, Touma, Amia, Duma, Kya  
  • The challenges of electricity supply and distribution in Mali  
  • The interconnection of mines in operation with the national network  
  • Case studies on renewable energies and mining (Nampala, Fékola)  
  • Electricity production from the first major discovery of natural hydrogen in Mali  
  • Off-grid electricity projects in Mali & Regional electricity projects (WAPP, new OMVS dams) 


Mali, as net oil importer, has benefited from lower oil prices during the pandemic, as well as increased export revenues due to the high gold price. However there has been a downturn with regards to the prices of its agricultural exports and lower export volumes to Europe. The pandemic has hit investors, banks, and funding institutions worldwide, who are now cautious of where to invest, and liquidity is very tight for junior companies. 


Delegates attending the event will hear more about closing the finance gap for projects: 

  • Risk management in the mining sector in Mali 
  • How large is the funding gap for mining and energy projects? 
  • How can public-private partnerships help close the funding gap? 
  • Fundraising to finance mining projects: challenges and prospects  
  • What are the current issues for financing mining and energy projects 
  • Making mining and energy projects resilient to the COVID-19 pandemic  
  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the financing of mining projects 
  • Mergers and acquisitions, what opportunities are there for national mining investors?  


JMP Mali is already an established event in the global mining industry calendar. The event is Mali’s largest dedicated B2B trade event in the country. The 2021 edition counts with the support of Saer Protect, Saer Group, Semos, Allied Gold Corp, Donaldson, Memcom, Mande Sarl, Hera Conseils, Iamgold, Tipsp, EAK Group, Firefinch, Vivo Energy, ALT, B2Gold Mali, Hydroma, Saldy Trading & CO, Safir Consulting, Cora Gold, Umo, Interplast, Manutention Africaine Mali, Yara Oil, Segala Mining Corporation, Bia, Ups, and As Altur Strategies.