14 – 16 Novembre 2023
Bamako, Mali


It has been created between physical and moral persons working in Mali in geology and related domains and this, in accordance with law layouts n° 4-038 August,5th 2004 relative to organizations in the community life in Mali, a scientific association named « Association des Geoscientistes Privés du Mali »  called by the abbreviation « GEOPRIM ». 

According to the development of earth sciences and their actors in the nation progress, the association main goals are:

  • Putting together private actors of earth sciences and the defence and the illustration of the profession and its role;
  • The profession representation
  • To insure respect and professional code of ethics
  • Exchange of information, experience, and expertise between members
  • The training and human capacity building of members of the association
  • Strive for the building of a professional order.

To succeed, GEOPRIM uses competence, experience and expertise of its members.